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  Network-operating service

  We have 18 branches and offices in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and over 168 cooperating agents all over the world to make us are capable to provide rapid and effective service with the combination of domestics and international transportation service to meet all needs requested from our clients.

  Vessel spaces security:

  Over tens of thousands TEU volume per year to make us to be honored the grade AAAAA account by major domestics shipping lines, we are able to secure the most of available spaces for our valuable clients at the high seasons.

  Multimodal transport:

  Providing the professional logistics strategy to our clients to arrange their cargoes by the most economical but effective transport.
  Cargo Insurance Service :

  We are offering comprehensive cargo insurance coverage; if the cargo damage is unfortunately incurred, our legal dept will assist our client to gather the necessary documents and evidences to accelerate the process of claim with insurance company.


       Dangerous Goods Transportation Operation:

       We have the certificate for class# II; III; IV; V & VIII hazardous goods transportation operation

       To be Safety; Responsibility and Professionalization is our priority

        We have QHSE system to manage and dispatch the trucks and drivers arrangement, to make sure the whole process is under safety control, reduce the risk to minimum.

        GPS and hot line system are 24/7 monitoring every truck during the whole way of transportation and feedback the update situation to our operation center who will at the first response dispatch the emergency operation team to the sense if any accident incurred.


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